On 12 Sep 2001, at 8:57, Christophe Grandsire wrote:


My sentiments are similar to yours. This is a terrible event indeed.

> I cannot even invent a word to describe my state right now.

Only a true conlanger would respond like that. I'm tempted to smile
at that, but I won't due to the seriousness of it.

> All my thoughts go to the relatives of the victims and the ones who managed to
> survive this tragedy and will probably be shocked for the rest of their lives.

story.php?story=dispatch/news/news01/sep01/843224.html has a
suggestion I will pass on to my boss - anyone else considering giving
up a day's wage for the victims?

igh wr go, hwr y Scyp na dear go.
Damon M. Lord
Estydent Yiau
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