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>>     Cut the base of popular support and the terrorist cause ceases to
>>be a rallying point- it becomes absurd and futile.

>It doesn't mean that the terrorists will stop their actions. Look at ETA.
>They've completely lost popular support, and yet they never have been so
>dangerous and violent. Making a cause futile this way only increases the
>anger of terrorists and their determination.

    Yes you are right that it does not happen all overnight. Anyone who
expects long-held hatreds and long-held cultural grudges to disappear in a
generation or two's time is being way too idealistic.
    Just like there are no quick fixes, there no quick changes when it comes
to the bloody historical nastiness of this sort (much less the issues of
racism and cultural imperialism).
    (Being Chinese - both genetically and by cultural choice - makes me think
more in the long-view/long-term in these _Big Picture_ matters. I remain an
idealist with a ruthlessly pragmatic edge).

    czHANg... progress, not perfection... enuff said, never enuff done