On Friday 14 September 2001 12:47, Douglas Koller, Latin & French
> : I'm flattered that you felt the urge to steal. I don't know that
> : this is a codified Géarthnuns expression. Rather, it was just me
> : expressing my own feeling about current events in Géarthnuns. I
> : have been struck by the irony that in the midst of such glaring
> : tragedy, the weather, in this part of the country at least, has
> : been absolutely spectacular. So although I am profoundly
> : saddened, I *have* taken comfort in the banner sunshine, the
> : gradually emerging foliage, the song of birds, and...the wind in
> : the trees. Humans will continue to make phenomenally bad choices,
> : but the sun still rises, soil still smells neat after a rain, and
> : my dog still looks as cute as a button when he's asleep on the
> : couch. Rock on.

That strikes me as a very Kélen sentiment, to take comfort in nature,
particularly in the trees, which is why I would like to steal it. I
especially like the alliteration of "júran rá jajél-áń" ('the wind
among the trees), so I think that part at least will become a
codified Kélen expression.

On Friday 14 September 2001 17:43, Shreyas Sampat wrote:
> My mystical side is tempted to take it as some sort of symbol with
> a deep underlying meaning.  The weather *has* been fantastic - the
> sun smiles down on us wreathed in silken scarves, the rain this
> morning set everything asparkle and washed the dust from the
> ground, the breezes waft scents of bakery and Chinese food all over
> campus.  So, in my own Seinunjdjé,
> I lost my smile, but don't worry.  The sun has it.
> Áne dhábén hínu emćhacnje, wún uelelaká.  Ár hársja.
> We'll say that that's a saying expressing sorrow that recognizes
> hope on the horizon, or for that matter all around us.

This could also be a Kélen sentiment.
é ńi jálnalae 'nró, ew ál pa maló ja.

> (Incidentally, I've refrained from commenting on the tragedy on my
> various mailing lists because it is a very upsetting topic that I'd
> much rather discuss in person.)

I agree.

Sylvia Sotomayor
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