I'm disgusted. This crime was not only a crime against the US, but a crime
against humanity. Whoever did that lost the right to be called human beings.
They are beasts, even less than animals, that have to be exterminated for the
sake of life itself. I am not a hating person, I respect everyone, even those
who I consider that they do wrong things, but those people went much too far
this time.

I cannot even invent a word to describe my state right now. Even if I probably
know nobody who died there, I am in grief, I feel like I lost members of my
family. I don't think I going to be able to work correctly this week, even if
I'm going to try to.

All my thoughts go to the relatives of the victims and the ones who managed to
survive this tragedy and will probably be shocked for the rest of their lives.

Take care, and remember that, despite everything, life is the most fragile
thing in the world.