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> I've seen the clips of the airplanes flying into the bulding at least
> 100
> times, and still each time I want to think, what a great piece of
> special
> effects. If only it were.

As I said, I all looks like a bad American action movie. Unfortunately it is
not, because in bad American action movies, the good guy usually prevents such
things to happen, or at least makes sure that only the bad guys die.

> Generally, I'm rather a peaceful man despite my interest in military
> history. But in this case I think Ehud Barak was absolutely right in
> saying that, enough is too much already, action has to be taken
> against
> the terrorists and the lunatics who support them in Afghanistan,
> Libya,
> Iraq, North Korea.

Don't forget Northern Ireland, the Basque Country, and everywhere else in the
world. Don't forget that the bombing in Oklahoma City was not comitted by
Islamic terrotists, contrary to what had been thought first.

But I agree that war has to be declared to all terrorists in the world. No
cause is worth killing people, absolutely none!