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> Christophe wrote:
> >But I agree that war has to be declared to all terrorists in the world.
> No
> >cause is worth killing people, absolutely none!
> Um, excuse me for commenting on such a sensitive
> question, but what if the cause is to get rid of
> all terrorists?

Even then!

> Don't get me wrong, I don't want to start a debate
> about this. I'm just wondering. It seems paradoxal.

Sorry, my wording is the cause of your wonder. When I said: "war has to be
declared", I meant that all means should be used to find and arrest all
terrorists in the world (no, I don't believe it's already the case), or at
least a big portion of them. Terrorists have to be taken alive: they have to
face their responsibilities and the burden of the lives they took. But even
fighting against terrorism is not worth killing people. Nothing is.