I found your post moving and very human.  Thank you for sharing it with us.
I think we all need to hear words like these at this time.


So lift the cup of joy and take a big drink.
In spite of it all it's a beautiful world.
-------Suzanne Knutzen

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>Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 07:56:12 -0400
>I watched Tuesday's tragic events and their aftermath and I shed my not so
>silent tears.  I felt anger, and fear and sadness.  I mourned those who
>lost their lives and I felt the suffering of those families left behind to
>live with that loss.
>I heard the cries for justice and doubted that justice could be defined in
>the context of this crime so horrible that a commensurate punishment could
>not be imagined.  As I mourned the loss of lives, I mourned the continued
>evidence of the depths of man's inhumanity to man and I wondered how we
>could ever find closure.
>I was disappointed in the reactions of some Americans who have targeted
>innocent Arab-Americans and Muslim Mosques.  No one thought to blame all
>White Americans after Timothy McVeigh's Oklahoma City attack.  Yet these
>generalization come all too easily for men of color.  How can this be any
>more narrow-minded and mindless than Osama bin Laden's hatred of all
>Americans?  Racial divides seem sometimes camouflaged but never narrow.
>Racial hatreds remain lurking in dark corners of men's hearts waiting for
>dark hours to be revealed.
>And while I disappointed in the reactions of some Americans, I fear the
>possible reactions of America.  George Bush, in the infancy of his
>presidency, will feel immense pressure for an "historic" reaction to this
>heinous act.  Afghanistan may well be the target of that reaction.  Yet
>Afghanistan has been so wracked by war and poverty for so many years that
>could bomb them for months and hardly anyone beside Afghan farmers would
>notice.  Bin Laden has surely gone to ground and the futility of such
>bombing raids would be evident when he rose from the Afghan ashes to strike
>again.  I fear the "historic" and politically correct reaction will be to
>land ground troops in Afghanistan with the military objective of sweeping
>the country's sands clean of terrorists.  But this is an 'historic"
>only to those who have forgotten their history.  I am reminded of the
>defeat at Dien Bien Phu and the tragic quagmire of the Vietnam War that
>followed and lost the lives and wrenched the hearts of so many.  I find the
>parallels with the Russian defeat in Afghanistan and the potential for an
>extended American war there to be stark and alarming.  I hear our
>politicians talking about spending "American treasure and American blood"
>and I wonder at the cost we seem prepared to incur.  Bush will surely enjoy
>the support of most Americans, at least until we grow weary of the body
>counts reported on the evening news.
>While I recognize and enjoy the benefits of social contract, I have too
>often witnessed its darker side.  It is well known that a mob will behave
>with more cruelty than any of the individuals who compose it would allow
>themselves to behave.  When a mob is consecrated with a flag or a religion,
>such behavior is not only accepted but expected.  Then only are we allowed
>to exercise the visceral "eye for an eye" urges that are forbidden to us as
>individuals.  If I had a dispute with my neighbor, no matter how deeply
>felt, I would not expect him to blow up my house.  And if he did, could I
>blow up his with impunity?  In the end, the tragic flaw in "eye for an eye"
>reactions will only be revealed by the last man able to see.
>How will we ever find closure?  I have no easy answers.  In the end I
>withdraw selfishly into the arms of those whom I love and give thanks that
>none of them were lost.  "There but for the grace of god...."
>There are only a few things I miss about New York City since moving to
>Virginia.  The Sunday New York Times and the skyline at night.  I still
>the New York Times, but I will never again be able to look at the New York
>without shedding a tear.
>Sorry for the off-topic and perhaps controversial post, but I needed to

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