Dan Sheriff wrote:
>on 9/15/01 4:05 AM, Frank George Valoczy at [log in to unmask] wrote:
> > Now that I've had time to think about what's happened and what might
> > happen - I'm scared.
> >
> > Not so much as to what USA will do - though that in itself is
> > - but how the extremists will respond. I'm scared that they'll take that
> > to mean open season on the West...
>They've already declared that. They brought our response on their own heads
>and have no one to blame but themselves, although they're probably too
>stupid and/or insane to realize that. Afghanistan, too, is an active
>accomplice, and they deserve whatever they get.

The Taliban regime is quite possibly an accomplice, but the vast majority of
Afghans certainly are not.

Also, what can be achieved by bombing a so throroughly wrecked country as
Afghanistan? Flattening the Hindu Kush? Putting a dent into the Pamir?


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