--- "Damon M. Lord" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> On 13 Sep 2001, at 19:44, Tristan Alexander McLeay
> wrote:
> > I was just wondering what various con- and
> natlangs (and dialects) use to
> > 'umm' or 'aah'.
> >
> > To start off with, Aussies tend to prefer 'umm',
> and I understand Japanese
> > 'anoo' (but I could be wrong).
> Wessisc uses " $B!& (B#34; (pronounced as in English
> or "ah" (as in
> English "father").
> Japanese, if I remember aright, is "ee tou..." - not
> come across
> "anoo" yet.

You are both right, the Japanese use both "anoo" (draw
out the o) and "eetoo" (draw out e and o).  I think,
however, "eetou" is more like a breather filler
whereas "anoo" sort of implies the speaker wants to
say something and hence "umm".

In Spanish, "este" is used - sort of like Japanese.


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