Kou wrote:
>From: "Christian Thalmann"
> > Although I do have an interrogative mood signified by the prefix vi- in
> > Obrenje, it sounds somewhat elaborate and artificial, and I'd rather
> > just use intonation to signify a question in colloquial speech.
>Garthnuns also has an interrogative mood marked by the verbal prefix
>and it's quite natural and non-artifical. In fact, in colloquial speech,
>this prefix floats at the end of very informal questions: "Kf ek la h?"
>"And you?", "What about you?" "H-" is definitely required in any
>interrogative utterance.

Tairezazh has an interogative adverb "fe" that's placed after the verb of a
yes/no-question. There's no need to change the syntax of the sentence, but
for simple questions it's common to place the verb last. There's also bunch
of interogative pronouns that work more or less like their English
equivalents, and are usually fronted.

_Sena stank fe?_ "Did she dance?"
_Fels sena stank?_ "What did she dance?"
_Fend zolk sens?_ "Who did it?"


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