Dan Sheriff wrote:

>on 9/16/01 7:49 PM, Nik Taylor at [log in to unmask] wrote:
> > Sally Caves wrote:
> >> Taking out the Taliban doesn't get at all terrorism in the Middle
> >> East, I fear.
> >
> > Even if somehow we could eliminate all the terrorists in the world, if
> > we don't change our attitudes toward the rest of the world, the hate
> > will still be there, and new terrorists will just spring up.  We should
> > remember what we did after WW2.  We helped our former enemies rebuild,
> > and now they're our friends.  We flattened Germany and Japan, but then
> > helped them rebuild, and now they're among our closest allies.  If we
> > would stop sending our military in every time American interests are
> > threatened, and if we'd spend more to actually help them get out of
> > poverty, perhaps these countries would begin to see us in a positive
> > light.
>This is the way I figure it. Our government is too stupid to give the aid
>without flattening the country first. I guess it's some sort of victor's
>guilt, or something like that. But for all of that, Congress is pretty
>tight-assed when it comes to financing anything other than the military in
>this country. In light of this, if the Taliban had *any* knowledge of 20th
>century world history, they'd be welcoming a war with open arms, because
>they'll know that once we flatten them, we'll turn right around and pump
>billions into their economy. Whether or not it would be worthwile in the
>long run is a different story. What does Afghanistan export? Opium?

The Taliban brutally struck down on opium production last spring. For now,
Afghanistan's major export seems to be trouble.


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