At 1:34 am -0500 17/9/01, Dan Seriff wrote:
>This is the way I figure it. Our government is too stupid to give the aid
>without flattening the country first.

I was trying to ignore the off-topic politicking.  But this seems a strange
thing to say in a democracy.  If the government is so stupid, does it not
mean that the citizens of that country are exceedingly stupid for electing
them in the first place!

In any case, the statement simply isn't true.  Marshall Aid was given
without the US flattening the receiving countries.  True some flattening
had been done by the Nazis - but not all was by any means flat.

It was a question of helping allies.

Indeed, in a radio program I heard at the weekend, the US ambassador here
was listing some of the occasions when the US has given aid to all manner
of nations (without flattening any of them).  It seems we are all too ready
to remember the bad things our nations do and forget (if we ever knew) the
good things - I presume because the latter don't grab the news headlines so
readily as the former.

It seems to have been forgotten that by attacking the WTC the terrorists
made sure they were killing citizens of as many countries as possible in
one go - it seems somewhere between 30 to 40 countries suffered losses.  My
own country (the UK) lost more citizens in one go on Sept. 11th then in any
other event since WWII.

If the US goes it alone on this it will, indeed, be a sad thing.  But as
far as I can see the indications are that the US is working with its
allies.  I sincerely hope & trust this is so.


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