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>I was just thinking about two sentences:
>1) A pig is a kind of animal.
>2) A species is a kind of animal.

To avoid the animal/non-animal issue, I'd rephrase this as follows:

1) A pig is a taxon.
2) A species is a taxon.

Interestingly, each sentence seems to allow some transformations that
won't go with the other:

1') 'Pig is a taxon'; 'Pigs are a taxon'; 'Pigs form a taxon'.
2') 'A species is a type of taxon'; 'Species are taxa'; 'A species is a
type of taxa'; 'Species are a type of taxa'; 'A species is a category of

To make the case still more messy, I'd add:

3) A metataxon is a taxon.

- which allows, e. g.:

3') 'Metataxa are categories of taxa'.

(I'm not sure, though, if all the above is in good and comprehensible
English ;-) - at any rate, some examples seem to lack quotation marks ).

Long live biotaxonomy!