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> On Tue, 18 Sep 2001, andrew wrote:
> >I have not attempted Cambriese
> >Uniate Rite yet, as I'm not completely familiar with it.
> Hm. Looks like the makings of a good research project (hint hint).
Ok, I've done it and these are the results:

Eastern Orthodox/Roman Catholic 100%
Orthodox Quaker 86%
Conservative Protestant 82%
Baha'i 51%
Unitarian Universalist 50%
Islam/Orthodox Judaism/Sikh 49%
Atheist/Agnostic/New Age/Daoist 18%
Scientology 17%
New Thought 13%

My definition of a Cambriese Uniate was:

1. One God, the personal creator spirit, high priority
2. One human incarnation, Jesus, of course, high priority
3. Continuing creation compatable with modern science rather than
biblical literalism, medium priority
4. Humans die and go immediately to heaven or hell, medium priority
5. Freewill and self-desire lead to wrong-doing in the world, medium
6. Satan causes much suffering, medium priority
7. Suffering is a part of God's plan, medium priority
8. Trinitarian worship, high priority
9. Requirement for baptism, high priority
10. Regular confession to a cleric, high priority
11. Good works and compassion are necessary, high priority
12. Strict adherence to the faith, a renunciate lifestyle, and human
effort, medium priority
13. Disagreement with the acceptance of elective abortion, medium
14. Agreement with homosexual behaviour as immoral, or out of harmony,
low priority
15. Agreement with prescribed roles for women and men, low priority
16. Agreement with restrictions on divorce and/or remarriage, medium
17. Agreement with social betterment programmes, high priority
18. Disagreement with the fundamental requirement of non-violence,
medium priority
19. Disagreement with the exclusion of conventional health treatment,
low priority
20. Agreement with reverence for the environment, high priority

When I changed 14 from medium to low priority it pushed Eastern
Orthodoxy/Roman Catholicism from 98% to 100%.  Go figure.

- andrew.
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