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> > They've already declared that. They brought our response on their own
> heads
> > and have no one to blame but themselves, although they're probably too
> > stupid and/or insane to realize that. Afghanistan, too, is an active
> > accomplice, and they deserve whatever they get.
> However, I'm not so sure that the people of Afghanistan are happy with the
> Taleban-regime, I think I've known (notice the insecurity of that
> that the regime actually isn't popular at all (and to this every guerilla
> Afghanistan bears witness[?]). Any civilian casualties might lead people
> into thinking that America's the evil one, and the Talebans are protecting
> the people from the bad guys. However, my knowledge of this really might
> outdated, biased, etc...

There is a civil war going on there.  The Taliban is an extremist group that
in power, but by no means "popular" with all Afghanistans.  I read a very
moving email message from a former Afghanistan on another list (now residing
in America this past 30 years and a vehement opponent of the Taliban) who
says that to make war on Afghanistan is an empty gesture that would play
the hands of the terrorists, who want to see America retaliate and incur
more hatred and rage and dissent.  Crush their buildings?   Bomb their
Already done during the Soviet invasion and the current civil war.  Destroy
roads?  Kill civilians?  Done, done.  Afghanistan is a  dysfunctional
country, ruled
by an elite extremist few.  The people are starving and illiterate.  How can
PEOPLE of Afghanistan "have brought our response upon their heads"?  The
terrorists should be our focus.  How?  I don't know.

I'm sorry for posting a political comment to the list.  But I felt this
needed to be