Adam Walker scripsit:

> Oh, no!  Please, no!  This is worse than Tong Yong pin yin!  It has all the
> nastiness of Gwoyeu Romatzyh with none of the virtues of Pinyin.  I shivver
> just looking at it.  And to thing I've been ranting about Tong Young.

What's that?  And if you think my poor little scheme has all the nastiness
of GR, then you have not grokked in fullness just how nasty GR is....

> Adam who HATES tonal spelling, but still inflicted it on a conlang once.

The few words of GR that I actually remember, I have no trouble with,
whereas I am constantly stuffing the wrong tone mark on HYPY syllables!
Of course, *deciphering* the GR in real time is no joke either.

But what's really wrong with my scheme is that it isn't *distinct*
enough.  It's still too easy to lose the tone.  I must think further.

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