Weiben Wang wrote:

> I believe "waihbian" should be "waibiaan",  "biaan" is first tone.


> There's no reason Taiwan should be Daiwan.  The /t/ is aspirated.

Post in haste, repent at leisure....  I meant of course to say "Should
we now write Daipei?"

> I actually like GR (although I can't spell it ;).  I find it eligant

 > and systematic, if complicated.

Complicated IMHO because unsystematic.  But as my mistake above
indicates, my current scheme is *too* systematic, and as such easy
to get wrong.

Well, there's always this one:

"Waivvbianv jinvvvvlaivvle yivv ge renvv liangvvv ge hongvv
yanvvvjingvv, yivv fuvvvv davvvv yuanvv lianvvv, daivvvv zhe yivv
ge xiaovvv maovvvvzi, tav xingvvvv Xiavvvv."

(forgive any further errors)

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