> > I've been trying to put together a conlang I could have
> liked for the
> > past year or so, and my current project, Tolwd, seems to
> appeal to me.
> Can you tell us a little about previous projects, too?

Oh, the closest I got to anything like a real language was a project
with a Semitic-type morphology and ergative case marking. It had a
pretty strange phonology (I mean it just didn't fit in anywhere, and it
was not quite justified from typological/phonological universals point
of view) and a bunch of other strange features.
Anothe one was supposed to be polysynthetic, but I stopped just short of
thinking anything about the verbal categories. Anyway, both the language
and the culture were just going to look like exactly Chukchee, and I did
not have the dedication then :-)

> > It has a relatively simple noun morphology (the object/subject
> > distinction is almost completely demolished, and there is
> third Dative
> > case), but the verb is awful - it just comes out of control! It has
> I don't quite follow the phrase in parentheses.  Are you
> saying that there
> are three cases, subject (nominative), object (accusative)
> and dative, and
> that the distinction between the first two is morphologically
> almost gone?


> Sounds good to me.  :-)