> I didn't know how to modify this to say "walked through". After
> rejecting declension of the object, I was ready to just use an adverb
> when it occurred to me: could it be said that "walked-through",
> "walked-into", "walked-out of", etc. are spatial aspects? In other
> words, an equivalent group to "walk", "will walk", "has walked", etc.?
> Do any natlangs/conlangs treat them similarly?
Gevey treats "walk" as a motive verb, and thus requires it to have a
motive preposition associated with it at all times. For example:

  The man walks through the forest
  Loife trhade vihjuu rhabgiet

  The man walks into the forest
  Loife trhade ´scuu rhabgiet

  The man walks away from the forest
  Loife trhade druu rhabgiet

  [loife-man, trhade-walks, rhabgiet-forest]

Of tangential interest, Gevey has two forms of "through": *vihd* and
*gles*. Both can be translated as "through", but vihd means
passing through an area without entering or leaving it, while gles
means  entering, passing through and exiting an area.

> JJ

   The Gevey language reference