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> ObConlang: what kind of conjunctions are in your conlangs? Are they
> equivalent to the English "and", "but", etc., or are there different
> words
> for the various meanings of "and", or are they divided differently
> from conjunctions in English?
> T

Rokbeigalmki has:
_i_ = "and"
_au_ = "or" (exclusive, either this or that)
_oi_ = "and/or" (this, or that, or both of them)
_akh_ = "but"

However, _i_ isn't used in strings of adjectives or nouns referring to
the same referent; that would indicate to a Rokbeigalmkidh that more than
one referent was involved:

_tzraap sudfal sudglend sudgoiyat_
 = "a wide, great, [and] tall city"

_tzraap sudfal sudglend i sudgoiyat_
 = "a wide and great city, and a tall [something]"

And then there's the 'filler' word _yeli_ that i mentioned in the "verbal
diarrhea" thread, which means "so", "then", "therefore"... but its exact
use is still sort of ambiguous in my mind... something like:

_balghm uhmzu-dazek sha'ităl-a tzma-a, yeli amzu-dazek ^urei^razknm_
 = "evil people set fire to our island, so we ignited flames of

In that sentence the _yeli_ could conceivably be replaced with the phrase
_i nga'gaur dhu_ "and because of that"


_azuza-kheză wa'<TV>, i..._
 = "i was watching TV, and..."
_(i) yeli?_
 = "and then?"

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