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>ObConlang: what kind of conjunctions are in your conlangs? Are they
>equivalent to the English "and", "but", etc., or are there different words
>for the various meanings of "and", or are they divided differently from
>conjunctions in English?

Tirehlat has different conjunctions for joining noun phrases from the ones
used between verb phrases. The equivalent of "and", for instance, is "ju"
between nouns and "te" between verbs. There is also a distinction between
exclusive and inclusive "or" (exclusive meaning "exactly one of the
alternatives" and inclusive meaning "at least one of the alternatives").

There are at least two distinct translations of "but" -- "tha" meaning "in
contrast" and "sinda" meaning "however". (Tirehlat "th" and "f" both
correspond to "f" in Czirehlat, so Tirehlat "tha" is the same as Czirehlat

I haven't figured out a comprehensive system of Tirehlat conjunctions yet;
I've been creating them as needed. So I imagine there'll be a bunch more in
the long run.

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