And Rosta wrote:

> Oi! At 16 years old you're simply not SUPPOSED to be reading
> Reichenbach! I forget exactly what it is you are supposed
> be doing at 16, but it's probably something like experimenting
> with sex, drugs, religion, socialism and drinking too much &
> vomiting in the street.

Hmm, at sixteen (two years ago!! I'm getting old!)... sex: check, drugs:
only if nicotine and alcohol count, religion: check, socialism: check,
drinking too much: check, vomiting in the street: check.

Speaking of interesting textbooks, Campbell's "Historical Linguistics- An
Introduction" (Edinborough Univarsity Press, 1998) is a good book, although
he does emphasise the Mayan languages a bit.

Dan, who has stopped vomiting in the street.

La plus belle fois qu'on m'a dit
          "je t'aime"
                   c'était un mec
                             qui me l'a dit...
Francis Lalane