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Very interesting test. I did it with what was nearest to my personal opinions
(I don't really have anything that can be called "belief") and got: New
Paganism 100%, followed by: Unitarian Universalism (92%), New Age (88%),
Secular Humanism (82%) and Liberal Quakers (81%). Mahayana Buddhism and
Theravada Buddhism came 6th and 7th, and last were Eastern Orthodox, Islam and
Roman Catholic (the religion I was brought with) with 17%, and very last
Jehovah's Witness with 12%.

I must say that I'm not surprised by the answers, because I put strong emphasis
on my pro-choice opinions on matters like abortion, homosexuality, gender
equality and the like.

If I had to describe myself more accurately, I'd say that I'm a spiritualist
agnostic and pantheist. It seems to fit quite well under the 'umbrella' of New
Paganism (and indeed I'm quite attracted to ancient religions, especially
Egyptian and Scandinavian).