On Monday 17 September 2001 01:25, Barry Garcia wrote:
> I've been searching for the latinized Arabic of this common saying
> in the Arabic world:
> "When we do good, the good around us is revealed"
> I've been able to find examples in the riq'a script, but riq'a is
> hard to decipher (as far as figuring out what letters are being
> used). So, i was wondering if any of you knew what the latinized
> arabic is for it.

Sorry. No idea.
But I did translate it into Kélen:

il ñanta jahé il ñi jahé anrówne sú-ñiéT-nó "when" ... "then"
ñanta the relational ñi + 1p.plural.inclusive agent
jahé "good"
ñi the relational la in the present perfect
anrówne "revealed"
sú-ñiéT-nó "around us("

Sylvia Sotomayor
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wa jamú anániTa;  ( thing.SG one/alone.ADJ)

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