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>ObConlang: what kind of conjunctions are in your conlangs? Are
> they equivalent to the English "and", "but", etc., or are there
> different words for the various meanings of "and", or are they
> divided differently from conjunctions in English?

connective, as in both NP and NP
sequential, as in NP and then NP
comitative, as in NP and also NP
contrastive, as in NP and not NP
negative, as in neither NP nor NP
exclusive, as in either NP or NP
logical conditional, as in if NP then NP
lesser conditional, as in NP if NP
durative, as in during NP then NP

There are more, of course, but those are the basic ones. The first
three are usually translated as "and". The fourth one is sometimes
transalted as "but" depending on how "but" is being used. Usually,
though, it is "and not".

Sylvia Sotomayor
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