On Tuesday 18 September 2001 12:24, J Y S Czhang wrote:
>     ***ConLang/ConCulture***: What are some Conlang/ConCulture
> concepts, terms, slang, etc. regardin' alcohol and drugs? Are there
> socio-cultural "remedies" like rehab, 12 Step (AA, NA, etc.),
> Rational Recovery, Secular Recovery,
> religious/philosophical/political/socio-scientific prohibitions...?

There is at least one drug used primarily for religious purposes.
That is anrási. It is difficult to get a hold of, though, so it is
rarely abused. It reacts with the human metabolism as well, and early
attempts by humans to figure out the active ingredient resulted in
dead test subjects, so research was abandoned.

A much, much weaker version of possibly the same drug exists in
anmái, which is the daily tea the Kélen drink. A side effect among
humans of drinking lots of tea is increased empathy.

I'm still working on the biochemistry of the Kélen and their planet,

Sylvia Sotomayor
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wa jamú anániTa;  ( thing.SG one/alone.ADJ)

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