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On page 109 of September 17, 2001's Time Magazine, there's a little
"News Quiz" at the bottom of the page.  Number 4 asks:

What did Anne Heche NOT tell Barbara Walters?
A) she talked to God using an invented language
B) Ellen provided her best sex ever
C) her autobiography is called "Call Me Crazy"
D) she was really proud of "Six Days, Seven Nights"

And according to the answer key on the bottom, the correct answer is
(D).  Out of those four things, the only one she didn't say was that
she was really proud of the movie "Six Days Seven Nights".  Which
means that she *did* tell Barbara Walters that she talked to God
using an invented language!

Does anyone know more about this?
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Well, I confess that I actually watched the interview. Not only did
she tell BW that she spoke to God in an invented language, she
actually spoke in this language. She claimed to have been taught it
by an angel while she was crazy (her word not mine), so I don't think
that she has any grammatical notes anywhere that she could put up on
a website for us.
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I didn't see the interview, but my guess is that it wasn't an invented language in the sense of a conlang, but more a kind of glossolalia (or speaking in tongues), as exhibited by many who 'suffer' fits of religious ecstasy or insanity.  Did it sound like an actual language, or more like babbling?


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