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<snip interesting story>

>     So, it's some sort of a "World Soul" idea, and I believe the actual
> story
> may even use those words.  What kind of religion is that?

It looks to me like a kind of Buddhism or something like that. But Buddhism is
not the only religion that talks about "nirvana" or "melting in the big All"
(the words are mine :) ), right?

Anyway, the difference with my "opinions" is that I don't know if such "World
Soul" exists (though I'm wondering about the Jung's concept of "World Spirit").
I do think that reincarnation occurs, but I couldn't tell whether there is an
endless line, a cycle, or if it stops somewhere, whether by accessing some sort
of "nirvana", a new state of conscience that doesn't need a body, an immortal
body on a paradisiac Earth or another planet, or a new reincarnation process in
a new Universe. It's part of the things that are beyond the scope of the
knowable in my opinion (one of my opinions is that everything a human being can
imagine can exist somewhere or sometime in the Universe, but that the Universe
also contains things that we cannot imagine).

And by the way, my opinions can also change with time and experience. I cannot
be put in a category, even one I created myself :) .