Jennifer writes:
> Overall I was advised to continue to travel and dive.
> I agree that if I do not because of the terrorist acts
> then I have been defeated. Although, in the back of my
> mind I think that I should wait until the situation
> dies down.

The old saying is 'Discretion is the greater part of valor'.  There's
nothing wrong with using your judgment as you best deem fit, just like you
avoid running trivial shopping errands during a raging blizzard.

FWIW, per yesterday's note from Marv on David Colvard's Bonaire airport
experience, I've checked with Continental Airline's international desk
(needed to call anyway).  They've confirmed the FAA's policy of "knives in
checked bags are OK".

(FAA Source: - its on page 2).

They're also going to look into this report (and another I received from
Wisconsin) and relay the word out to the airport floor supervisors that
"sharps" placed in checked baggage are SUPPOSED TO BE acceptable.