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 Luann --
 I would LOVE to have more info on your favorite sites.  I will be joining 19
 the more experienced members of my dive club on a visit to Belize aboard the
 Wave Dancer in early October.  Since we "own the boat" we are usually asked
 which sites we want to dive, so this is a great opportunity if we have the

I dove the Wave Dancer several years ago and I had the best time. They put
you on alot of the great spots. The dive guides were great once they knew
that you knew what you were doing they let you do your own thing. The
Aquarium is a fantastic dive. Ask the dive guide about the cave that is about
160 or so. When I was in it there was a huge Jewfish. I loved this spot. I
remember looking up from the entrance of the cave and just marveling at the
huge array of sponges and sea fans along the wall.

I'm like Luann on the Blue Hole. Been there and done that and it is highly
over rated. I'm glad to say I've done it but I wouldn't go out of my way to
do it again.

There was another spot that the bottom looked really strange. I don't
remember the name of the  spot but it kinda funneled to an area. It reminded
me of a plug in the bottom of a deep sink. The dive site was about 200 feet
at the bottom and the captain of the boat and a guide dove it before the rest
of us got into the water. I saw bubbles coming from a cave  close to the
bottom and of course I had to take a look. I didn't enter the cave but they
were in there andI was afraid that if they caught me that deep they'd crack
down on me. I later told the DM I had been outside the entrance and wondered
what they had seen in there. After that he let me dive how I wanted.

One bit of caution. Belize City is dangerous so be sure and travel into it
with a group. I had a small problem there myself and if I hadn't of been
there with a group it could have been alot worse.

You should have a fantastic time. I have a friend who works for Peter Hughes
and I can call her and find out the best spots for you if you'd like.

Take care,