>On Friday, September 14, 2001 10:15 PM, Jennifer Jones wrote:
>> I think that it is really scary that people believe in
>> something so strongly that they kill themselves as
>> well as innocent Americans. I am a new diver and I was
>> planning to do some over seas diving. Now I am not so
>> sure about flying and leaving the country. Do you
>> think that I am making a mistake for staying home?
>Not too belittle in any way the magnitude of the events of this week, but
>the difference between a 'terrorist' and a 'freedom fighter' and a 'just'
>and an 'unjust' campaign, is only a matter of  perception.  In that regard
>there would be very few countries in the world during the past fifty years
>whose governments have NOT aided and abetted causes that they believed were
>in their best interests.
>Although on a much reduced level when compared with the attrocities that
>we've witnessed in New York and Washington this week, learning to live with
>the possibility of a terrorist attack has been a fact of life for decades
>other places in the world.  (The UK, for example!)

As a Brit Strike is right. The world is a big place and when your number is
up there is nothing you can do about it. Your chances of being killed in a
car accident in your home state are still statistically higher than being
caught by a terrorist attack. My sister and I are heading for Mexico on
Tuesday neither of us thought of not going. The terrorists win if you stay
home and hide.

I am in no way looking for trouble but I am not prepared to put my life on
hold because of a few dozen fanatics. The only sure fact in life is that it
will ultimately end in death. The most important thing in life is that you
live it. Take sensible precautions but do not close in on your self. There
has been terrorism in some part of the world for as long as the world has
existed. The events this week were horrific and the ultimate consequences
will be even more horrific.

My every thought is for all the people of every nation hoping against hope
that their loved ones may be found alive within the dust of the fallen
towers. My prayers are with them but I serve no purpose to them if I change
my life because of the atrocious acts that 19 men committed on Tuesday. If I
change my life then these men have succeeded.


>The whole purpose of terrorism is to cause maximum disruption and
>to a people.  The best response at the level of 'the person in the street',
>is to thumb your nose at the perpetrators and get on with living your life
>in the way that you choose.  The world's a big place.  And while there
>be places that it's best not to visit - from the point of view of personal
>safety -  there are still plenty of other locations.
>Plan your overseas dive trip wisely - and then go and enjoy!  :-)