Well I'm a native Hungarian speaker so it's easy for me, but surprisingly
difficult was Estonian and Votian. Somali was difficult to the point that
I gave up on it, but more so due to inarticulatable phonology than


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On Fri, 21 Sep 2001, Colin Halverson wrote:

> Hey, I was wondering what you people think is the hardest language to learn
> (of the languages you know).  I've heard Hungarian is hard (of course I don't
> know any one who speaks Hungarian)?  Of course I would be wondering from an
> English point of view.
> Also- are Chinese languages hard?  Are there many similarities between
> Cantonese and Mandarin?  And some-what on the same topic, are East Indian
> languages hard or similar.  I know some Indians and they all know about four
> Indian languages  (Bengali, Panjabi, Telugu and Hindi I think) who say they
> are different, but when I hear them the words sound similar to me- of course
> I live in a town of 2,000 with about 80 people of color, so what can I say?