Colin Halverson <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> Does anyone have a conlang that involves clicks/clucks?

My fourth conlang will have 50 click phonemes and 100 click phones.

These will be:

Groups of clicks:
   Bilabial, Dental, (Apico-post-)Alveolar, Palatoalveolar, Palatolateral
   (That's 5 groups)

   Each can be:
      voiceless/nasalised (2),
      opening: silent, velar plosive, velar fricative, velar affricate,
               post-asprirated (5)

These give you 50 phonemes.

Roundedness will be influenced by the following vowel (if that is
/u/), so you get 100 phones.

[I read about a forward opened lateral click, but I don't know
precisely how to pronounce it.  If I get to know it, I'll include it
to make 60 phonemes.]

It will be a conlang with *a *LOT* of consonants*.  Currently I have a
brief description that lists 430 consonant phonenes.  But maybe I will
reduce this since I want to be able to read poems in this lang.