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<< Similarly, in David's original sentence, I found _...Sits Sel..._ the most

difficult, with _leS Zi_ a close second. >>

    That's funny...  In your example "pushed Stanley" I notice that what I
actually pronounce is [pU_)Sst&nli] (where [U_)] is unrouned [U]).  So I
actually do pronounce [Ss] with no break, which, to me, seems like it would
be very, very difficult.  I found a similar example in [sz] in English,
though I can't remember where...  How about "This is my house, Zack".  I
either say the last two words [h&wsz&k] or [h&wsts&k], and I think that
latter is a personal innovation. Yet, I'm trying again to pronounce "leS Zi",
and, man, is that tough!  Of course, there's also this feeling that no matter
how I pronounce my English, another native English speaker's gonna understand
me; with this created language, though, I feel like I should be pronouncing
every word very properly.  Anyone else get that feeling?