Well, I think it's easy to agree that take 2 sucked.  Here's the
next take:

Initials, base form: b d g gw, p t k kw, z c s, f h, m n ng, l, w y.
Sidney Lau except for z instead of j, c instead of ch (HYPY

Main vowels: a aa e eu i o oo u ue. Sidney Lau.

Tone 1: Double the initial letter; kw >kkw, gw > ggw.

Tone 2: Change the final as follows:
        vowel > vowel plus -r
        i-glide > y
        u-glide > w
        m > mm
        n > nn
        ng > nng
        p > pp
        t > tt
        k > kk

Tone 3: Use the base form.

Tones 4, 5, 6: same as 1, 2, 3 respectively, but with h
after the last vowel letter.

(Cantonese > Interdialectal tone map:
        1 is 1 or 7a or 0; 2 is 3 or *; 3 is 5 or 7b;
        4 is 2; 5 is 4; 6 is 6 or 8.)

Same text as in take 2, but hopefully less like chop suey this time:

Ssikzihk gorzahn si, yyauh yyatgohr yyahn, zeuhkzueh yyatgihn
nuehnn'nuehnngeh cceuhngpow haih gor suer gging'gwo.  Keuhy leuhnng go
zauh ccihngyuenn lahp yeuhk, yyuehgwor bbingo yauhr buhnnsih nnahng ssin
sayddak gorgo yahn cceuihzor keuhy gorgihn pow, zauh suen
bbingoge bbuhnsih taaih.

(This is a conversion, not a fresh transcription, so may have errors.)

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