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>See, I don't quite agree with this, either.  To my way of
>thinking, religious experiences are, almost by definition,
>personal experiences. Even if there broad similarities
>between any two individual's faiths, the labels that are
>subsequently applied to those people really glosses over
>the underlying differences, inasmuch as no two people have
>the same relationship (or lack thereof) with the Divine
>because people view and react to the world from *their*
>point of view <SNiP>

    True, hence the saying: "Religion is for those who fear hell;
spirituality is for those who have been to hell and back."

    I also recall a Sufi saying that to love Allah even if one was in hell is
most true total embrace of Allah.

    Of course, the above are both from somewhat similar monotheistic

    Labels are just conveniences as are broad definitions attached to said

    czHANg puzzlin' over semantics as usual