On Friday, September 28, 2001, at 01:43 PM, Robert Hailman wrote:

> Nik Taylor wrote:
>> Christophe Grandsire wrote:
>>> (especially the dreaded ich-laut, which makes me think
>>> that when people say "Ich liebe dich", they want to beat their partner
>>> to
>>> death!).
>> Funny, because that's my *favorite* sound in German, it's just such a
>> beautiful sound, which is why Uatakassi has a lot of it.  :-)
> I'll give a big "YARR!" for the ich-laut. (Meaning I like it, for what
> it's worth.) "Ich liebe dich" sounds romantic enough to me... oh, and my
> girlfriend and I met when a friend and I were talking in foreign
> languages - he in Spanish and me in German. Of course, he speaks no
> German and I speak very little Spanish, so... it was a bizarre
> circumstance in general.

Must've been interesting.  :-)  I remember when I went to a teacher
in-service presentation on how to structure curriculum around a block
schedule, and the guy was *great*--a Spanish teacher who managed to teach
us the basic map of Spain by speaking only in Spanish and using *lots* of
gesture.  It was great; I still remember most of the features he went over.
   I sat through the thing thinking to myself, So if I were to teach the
map of Qenar using only Czevraqis, how would I...?  Never mind that I'm
missing nice basic words like "city" and "mountains" and "border."  <G>
Call it a long-term goal.

As for the ich-laut, I like it too...and "ich liebe dich" sounded quite
romantic to *me* when my boyfriend (now fiance) said it to me first.  OC,
I hadn't yet started taking German, so I had to go look up lieben before I
was sure what he meant, which probably takes some of the romance out of it,
  but oh well.

auf wiedertippen,