I tried to send this earlier from hotmail, but suffered a
delivery failure, so here's my second try:

I used the Philotype selector and got this result:

8) Ockamian
An expert with sharp instruments, you need to take care not
to cut yourself.
You are much given to disputation and prefer to live in
poverty over taking
goods you feel are tainted by their worldliness. You are
deeply committed to
human freedom and reject the notion that there is any final
authority over
and above your own thinking, which makes people look at you
funny. You write
books describing how everyone else got it all wrong.

Adjectives: Pugnatious, anarchistic, idealistic, consistent

Hehehehehehe... There might be something to this!

My top 3 religions were Neo-Paganism, Unitarian
Universalism, and Liberal
Quaker. Dead last on the list were Orthodox and Catholic.

I am rather given over to constructing a culture right now,
and I am feeling
inspired by these recent discussions to work on the
philosophical and
religious side of the society in question.

This is a culture that doesn't have a language constructed
for it yet. I am
working backward compared to my usual practice of starting a
language, and
imagining the culture later on in the process. Ea-luna is a
decent, usable
language with a culture that remains half-baked and sitting
in a cold oven.
For a change, I am baking the society and planning the
language as a sauce
for it. [Awful metaphors, I know... I couldn't help myself.]


Mia Soderquist
Jeezlueez Beegtrouble [EQ, Xegony]
Pietas [AO, Rubi-Ka 1]
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