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<< C = Cyclical aspect

E = Efferent, i.e. the action is going out from subject

3p = third person

W = Waxing aspect, i.e. its getting more and more

I = Infferent, i.e. all the action is occuring within the subject

Hm = Happy mood, the person who says this is happy about it.

Com = completed aspect

NP = proximal past, the action has just happened. >>


<<The second thing I am proud of is the voices.  There are four,

Afferent, Efferent, Infferent and Exfferent.  Efferent is like an

Active voice.  Afferent is like a Passive voice.  Infferent means all

the action is occuring WITHIN the person, Reflexive, sort of.  "My

heart beats" would be infferent, but "I beat myself" would be afferent.

Exfferent means all the action is occuring outside the speaker, the

speaker is merely the observer.  So, you can keep the person the same,

but change the voice, or keep the voice the same and change the person.>>

    Holy God!  This is awesome!  It's so out there!  I would've never thought
of any of this in a million years...  If I may ask: What is Cyclical aspect,
and why "Waxing"?  How exospectacular!  Wow, now I have ideas...  Too many