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> Anyone who doesn't think German is a beautiful language should listen
> to
> "Mutter der Mann mit dem Koks ist da" by Falco. Ignore Falco - listen
> to
> the female back up singer.

What a coincidence! I just discovered Falco (with the song "Gini", one of the
most beautiful songs I ever heard) and it made me revise my opinion about
German: it can sometimes sound nice. But I still think that spoken German
sounds absolutely awful (especially the dreaded ich-laut, which makes me think
that when people say "Ich liebe dich", they want to beat their partner to

On the other hand, I find Dutch a very beautiful language, as strange as it can
be. And it's so nice when well sung. Too bad that Dutch people seem to be
afraid of singing Dutch, except for carnaval songs...