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>Hey, I was wondering what you people think is the hardest language to learn
>(of the languages you know).  I've heard Hungarian is hard (of course I don't
>know any one who speaks Hungarian)?  Of course I would be wondering from an
>English point of view.

I'm not fluent in any language besides English, but I've tried to learn a
number of languages, and written Japanese has got to be one of the hardest.
On top of all the difficulties of spoken Japanese, you have to deal with
what's probably the most complicated writing system in current use. Even
though the number of characters in general use is limited compared to
Chinese, each character may have a number of different pronunciations
depending on context (typically two or three, but sometimes even more).

Ignoring the difficulties of reading and writing, Navajo is probably the
hardest language I've tried to learn. I don't know much about Hungarian,
but I think Navajo is harder for an English speaker than Finnish (which is
related to Hungarian).

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