Herman miller wrote:

> Ancient Greek: verb conjugations.

Why? There's onnly two of them. I find Greek verbs a lot easier than their
Latin counterparts, and normally I find Latin a lot easier (even with its
five cases as opposed to Greek's four).


La plus belle fois qu'on m'a dit
          "je t'aime"
                   c'était un mec
                             qui me l'a dit...
Francis Lalane

> Arabic: tricky alphabet, short vowels unwritten, emphatic consonants.
> Chinese: writing system, tones.
> Finnish: noun declension, consonant gradation.
> Georgian: consonant clusters.
> Irish: spelling, initial consonant mutation.
> Japanese: writing system, levels of politeness, syntax.
> Korean: "tense" consonants.
> Russian: palatalized consonants, perfective vs. imperfective verb stems.
> Thai: no spaces between words, complicated spelling of tones.
> Tibetan: spelling.
> Vietnamese: unfamiliar vowels, tones.
> Zulu: clicks.
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