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Dear Colleague,

The volume 17, no.3 issue of the _OCLC Systems & Services_ Journal published
an article on TEI applications.  It is entitled, "Descriptive metadata
strategy for TEI headers: a University of Michigan Library case study,"
written by Lynn Marko and Christina Powell. Lynn Marko is a librarian in
Library Technical/Access Services at the University of Michigan.  Christina
Powell is an associate librarian and the coordinator of the Humanities Text
Initiative at the University of Michigan. Their article describes the needs
for maintaining consistent cataloging data between two descriptive standards
and presents the strategy used for the Making of American (MOA) project by
mapping MARC/AACR2 to TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) headers.  (pp. 117-120)

Also, the editorial covers TEI development history and its implications.
(pp. 101-103)

Hope you will find these articles helpful!

_OCLC Systems & Services_ is a refereed and quaterly publication with an
international audience.  It also features TEI applications.  If you are
interested in contributing an article to this journal, please do not
hesitate to contact me.

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