Dear all,

Another problem with the pre-modern versified drama mentioned in my posting
'Drama (1)'. As with the other, I've written about this to the list before.

Alongside 'standard' speaker headings like this one:

Fool:    [speech]

which translates as:

<sp who="Fool">
<speaker>Fool</speaker>        [speech]

there are also things like this:

Enters the
Fool:        [speech]

I'm still at a loss how to mark this up. As the example shows, 'Fool' is
part of the stage direction, and doubles as speaker heading. It's possible
to just ignore the second aspect, but to me this doesn't seem to be an
adequate solution.
The element <speaker> is not valid within <stage>, quite understandably, but
then modern drama isn't such a mess. As a transitory solution, I've used
<name> in the stage direction, followed by <sp> (without a <speaker>

<stage>Enters the <name>Fool</name></stage>
<sp who="Fool">Blabla</sp>

But this is not consistent with the 'standard' version (further above).

And I would prefer consistency.

Modify the content of <stage> so that <speaker> becomes usable there (not
quite consistent either, but perhaps better than the <name> solution)? Any
other ideas?

Again, any help would be highly appreciated.

Ingo Mittendorf

Department of Linguistics
University of Cambridge
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United Kingdom
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