MORE DETAILS!!!!  Publication date?  Publisher?  Price?

Man, I could really use a volume like that in my work on Cartagen~ensa.


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>Subject: Nice find
>Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 11:50:39 -0700
>In my quest to fill out Montreiano's lexicon, i did a search on the
>"Worldcat" database, which searches library databases all over the world.
>The search was for a Spanish etymological dictionary. The search was
>successful, and i found a book that fit the description:
>Elsevier's concise Spanish etymological dictionary :
>containing 10000 entries, 1300 word families /
>The book is nice, it even shows the probably arabic sources for spanish
>words. I'm finding it very useful. One of the interesting etymologies for
>"thistle" (abrojo). The book states that it probably comes from the phrase
>"aperi oculos!" (open your eyes!), which the book says was a warning to
>those reaping and or working in fields covered in thistles.
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