Christophe Grandsire <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> En réponse à Henrik Theiling <[log in to unmask]>:
> > A lot of modifiers, actually.  Currently, the romanisation has
> > monsters like `gncttekx' for a single phoneme (a velar-prenasalised,
> > voiceless, long, dental click with velar affricate release). :-))))
> >
> You can PRONOUNCE this monster?

Yes, really.  But it took me a long, long time, that's right.  It is
quite simple to start with nasalisation, then try velar-nasalisation.
Voice I found a bit hard.  And then the different releases are *very*
hard to do for me.

> How can you aspirate a click?!!

Well, you have a closure at the velum in order to make the click, just
as for a simple [k].  After the click, you must also release that
velar closure to continue speaking.  If you do it silently and then
say [h], you have a post-aspiration.

And the above does not open that way, but by saying [kx].

> > Björk's last name has that: Guðmundsdóttir ["g_0vYDmYnts"tOUhtI:r]
> > :-)))
> >
> I don't wonder anymore why she uses only her first name :)) .

Haha!!  Yes, definitely! :-))