Tom Wier wrote:

> > :) I don't know. Me and a friend of mine have the habit of
> > imitating Homer from time to time (which I suppose a lot
> > of people do) and when I tried the constricted /A/ it sounded
> > just like Homer seeing food. So I suppose it's true. To me it
> > sounds like the right sound, but I guess you have to ask a more
> > phonetically proficient Simpsonsfan for a more exact answer.

> Hmm.  It's always sounded like a lengthened syllabic nasal [m=]
> to me.

No no. Not that sound. That's the [m=::::::::: po:r\ktSA:ps]
sound. I'm thinking of the gargling sound in the back of the
throat. Though, basically, they're pretty much used interchangably.

Come to think of it, the [m=::::::] sound is used solely for
food, but the [?\:::::::::::::::] is used for other things
as well (like when he sees naked dancing women on tv). It
usually involves some drooling as well.

||| daniel