Basilius scripsit:
I think it's easier to understand if you rewrite your examples as follows:

1) I {am the one who gives} a bone to the dog.
2) The dog {is the being who the bone is given to} by me.
3) The bone {is what is given} by me to the dog.

Also various things like e. g.:

4) The house {is the place where the act of giving is in progress} of
the bone to the dog by me.

That's interesting. In fact this looks to me like conversions in Lojban.

mi (zdani vecnu) (le karce) do = I (am a house-type-of seller) (of cars) (to

(le karce) (cu se zdani vecnu) mi do = (The car) (is house-type-of soled)
(by me) (to you).

do (te zdani vecnu) (le karce) mi = You (are a house-type-of buyer) (of the
car) (from me).

I wonder if the creators had such a trigger system in mind.