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> << She insisted it was a <y'all> used in the singular, while
> all of us who actually use the pronoun insisted that there must have
> been some kind of external reason for it of the kind that I mention
> above. >>
>     You're kidding, right?  Haven't you seen any movies where people
> use "y'all" for the singular?  It happens all the time!  Rent Thelma and
> Louise, or something; I'm sure it's in there once.  It's almost like an
> honorific, and is usually restricted to the phrase "How y'all doing?", from
> what I've seen/heard.

Um, I beg your pardon, but I'm not going to derive grammaticality
judgements from _Thelma and Louise_. No, I have never heard it used
in the singular, if you adjust for such situations as I have described.
I think the onus is on those who say it has been thus used to provide
such evidence if it exists.  (The curious thing is that it's always
those who don't use the pronoun that claim that they've heard it used
as a singular.)

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