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>Vasiliy Chernov <[log in to unmask]> writes:
>> And the Russian letter 'shcha' is translitterated schtsch:
>> Schtschukin. Chruschtschew. Dunno how/if Germans manage to pronounce
>They simply say it. :-) Well, ok, initial ,schtsch' is weird, but
>intervocalic it's no problem.

I was just kidding ;)  From a native Russian perspective, not a big
deal, to say [StS-]. But the letter is in fact pronounced [S_j:].

>But it should be ,Chruschtschow' I think, since `ë' normally becomes
>`o' in German or `jo', not `e' as in English.

Yep. Famous German perfectionism wouldn't tolerate such inaccuracies ;)

Speaking of German words... It seems I mostly associate German with
treatises in Linguistics/Philology, especially in Classics. They tend
to be exhaustively thorough and compact. I don't know how, but German
scholars can make a volume of 200 pages to read like 500.

So, when I want to recall 'some German word', it usually comes out to be
one of those remarkably short technical terms.

Verflüchtigt. Ertont. Tondehnung.